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Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Draft Guide



09/27/2018 — I’ve played Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey since my early years of high school, and thought writing a guide on my top drafting tips would be helpful for anyone looking to learn or improve. I have it on sale for $5.99, so check out if interested. Below are the chapters:

Preface 3
Introduction 4
My Introduction to Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey 5

Chapter 1: Dynamics of Drafting 6
–Concepts of ‘A Well-Rounded Team’ 6
–Let’s Now Build a Championship Team 8
–What’s So Important About Having an Elite Goaltender? 10
–Factors to Be Cognizant of When Drafting 10

Chapter 2: Tweaking the Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Draft Interface for Player Researching 12
–Instructions to Modify the Interface, and How to Research Players With it 13

Chapter 3: My Personal Fantasy Hockey Draft and the Thought Process Behind Each Pick 14
–Let’s Check How My Team Faired Amongst the 12 Other Teams 20
–Here is the Chart 21

Conclusion 22
Glossary 23

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