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Do NHL Players Use EA NHL ‘16 To Enhance On-Ice Performance?

01/23/2015 – Do NHL players use the video game EA NHL ‘16 to enhance their on ice performance?

Let me begin by saying this: I’m not a professional hockey playerBUT, for someone who’s played the sport my entire life, I can say that playing  NHL ’16 has made me a better player.

The stick handling moves / dekes I try in EA NHL are now moves that instinctively come to mind when I’m on the ice and playing in a game – whether it be on a breakaway, or am in an offensive situation where I have to get around a player on the opposing team.

It’s as if the moves you try in the game become part of your muscle memory, so they’re easy to emulate when you’re actually playing.

The big question though – do I believe NHL players are playing and benefiting from playing NHL ’16 as well?

Yes – I do. They don’t happen all the time, but they do happen from my personal observation.

Here, for instance, Dylan Larkin of the Detroit Red Wings mirrors the same stutter step and leg kick that is a common joystick move in NHL 16. Watch the links below to witness the striking similarities.

Or, here. Claude Girioux of the Philadelphia Flyers fakes a shot with a stutter step/leg pump, pretends he’s going to his backhand but then switches it to his forehand to deke out the goalie for this beautiful goal.

Mats Zuccarello of the New York Rangers fakes going to his forehand but switches back over to his backhand in this one.

So, after watching and comparing these videos, do you think that EA NHL ’16 inspires moves you see in the NHL today? And, do you think video games give players ideas of moves/plays to try from other mainstream sports besides hockey?



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