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Hockey Stat is your go-to source for National Hockey League News. We offer everything from: Fantasy Hockey Picks, nightly video highlights from around the league, feature articles, breaking news stories and jokes.

Mission: Hockey Stat is here to provide you with a unique and educated perspective into game stories and masterful fantasy hockey advice through the use of statistical analysis, interwoven with meticulously detailed narrative.

Statistical approach is our niche because it grazes through the verbiage clutter you’ll read from major news sources and give you an inside look at what actually transpired.

Our articles are categorized to provide you with a detailed overview of the NHL, including specific article directories for different players, teams and the different NHL divisions. You can view live scores and standing for games by visiting the scores and NHL Standings page. Our articles are all original content that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

About the Editor:

Ted Lawrence was an editor Stan Fischler’s personal news report, “The Fischler Report,” which is circulated all through North America — where he also wrote scripts for his Emmy-Award winning half time television segment “5 for Fischler 5.” In addition to Ted’s work for Stan, he was a journalist for Josh Brewster, the fill-in color commentator of the Anaheim Ducks and Phoenix Coyotes XM radio stations.

If you’re a fan of Reddit, drop us a line at Hockeystat. We’re never afraid to talk about all aspects of the NHL – whether it be the business end, on ice talk or just shooting the breeze about equipment.

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